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21-Day Healthy Meltdown

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The healthy glow comes from consistently eating the right foods, exercising, and getting proper rest.  Get ready to make subtle and significant changes over the next 21 days.  This easy to follow program will teach you to make the right choices.  It will also teach you how to bounce back from making dietary mistakes from time to time.  After all, no one is perfect 100% of the time.  The goal is to develop a sustainable nutrition plan that allows a lifetime of benefits.

What can I expect during the 21-Day Healthy Meltdown?

  • Grocery Lists

  • Recipes

  • Suggestions for meal preparation

  • Six reserved "check-in" appointments (optional, but recommended)

  • More energy

  • More restful sleep

  • Weight Loss (probably so...)

What can I expect during Meltdown Monthly Maintenance? (Must have  participated in 3 months of 21-Day Meltdown)

  • Reserved support "check-in" once a week.

  • Workout recommendations

  • Nutrition suggestions

  • Macro exploration

  • Journaling exploration

Things are about

to change.

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