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Engage your heart & mind each day

Take time to smile. Take time to learn. Find the good in each and every day, so that you can feel rewarded and accomplished. I love learning. I am feelinggreattoday, because I am launching my website. This is a dream come true for me. My love for health began when I was a senior in high school. That was a long time ago! Moving my body and exercising influenced my college education, and my career. It is great to be back full time with what I LOVE to do. I love when family and friends seek my advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle, relieve and ache or pain, or ask what they can do to improve themselves. The positive results are so rewarding for the, and me for me, too! Take a look around you and see if you can help someone. The random acts of kindness are known to warm the hearts of the recipient and the provider. This internal feeling brings medicinal effects to a gloomy feeling. It is also "ok" to be on the receiving end of these gifts. Our body needs to feel nurtured. That comes to us in many different ways. Do't let a day pass by without doing something small for others, and for yourself.

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