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Are you prediabetic?

Are you prediabetic? According to the Mayo Clinic, prediabetes means that your blood sugar level is elevated, but not high enough to be considered Type 2 Diabetes. If you have prediabetes the stress on your heart, blood vessels and kidneys may have already begun. You have the ability to manage some of this through diet and exercise. Talk to your doctor, it may even be possible to reverse these characteristics. Inflammation plays a role in the prediabetes equation. Insulin resistance and high blood sugar are very hard on the cardiovascular system. They increase inflammation in the body. Plaque builds up on the arteries causing more stress on the heart and cardiovascular system.

Start cleaning up your cardiovascular system today, by reducing, or eliminating processed foods from your diet and incorporating a moderate exercise program into your day. One easy, significant start would be to do away with sodas (even diet sodas). Sodas have no nutritional value, and absolutely no benefit to your body. Elimination of trans fats and processed foods will also jump start your Healthy You lifestyle. Next, plan your exercise for the entire week. This allows you to give your busy schedule some thought before starting each day. Preplanning gives you a better opportunity to meet your movement goals, than starting each day "hoping" to get a workout in. Never stop trying to improve your diet and your movement patterns. No one is prefect every single day. If you are just getting started, the goal is to be really, really compliant most of the time. Your results will fuel your ongoing success.

For more information on the dangers of prediabetes, diabetes, and inflammation, seek reputable sites such as The World Health Organization.

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