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What's with the 21-day goal setting?

What can you accomplish in 21 days? Why are there so many 21-Day programs out there? 21 days is ample time to make changes. It is a relatively quick period of time; and not so daunting, that you give up before you ever get started. 21 days can seem like a "snap of the fingers", yet there is plenty of time to recognize significant progress!

Let's set a goal! Is it a health goal, a weight loss goal, a dietary goal, a relationship goal, a financial goal? You can hang in there for 21 days, right? Right! The more people you tell about your 21-day goal, the more accountable you will be. How bad do you want it? If you need an accountability partner, I will volunteer. Send me a message and lay it out there. I love a great challenge.

Set your emotions with the intention to succeed. Take charge. Tell yourself what you will do, and be your own boss. Maybe, it's the only chance you have to actually, be your own boss. Do you have emotional hurdles holding you back? Identify those hurdles because they may jump out on days 1-21. I am never surprised by one's accomplishments. Dig deep because you have it in you to WIN! It called "grit". It's called "tenacity". Are you comfortable in the winner's circle? I am. Define your success, because it is waiting to give you a HIGH-5! Let's go....

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