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Never Ever Give Up

When is the best time to "let yourself go"? What? You're kidding me, right? The time to give up, will NEVER, EVER come. We know that lifestyle related illnesses like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity can be regulated, possibly avoided, by moving your body, resting your body, and properly fueling your body. Diet and exercise are the primary links to your health. This is the key to healthy living, and the foundation of Feeling Great Today. There are plenty of exercise programs that can be customized just for you. Don't like to run? I have an alternative. Not comfortable in a gym environment? That's ok. You don't need a gym, or its' fancy equipment, to make significant progress. Do you think, "I have tried everything"? Well, I am here to challenge that statement. Think you eat healthy? I bet, I can find a few modifications in your diet, that will be the catalyst in reaching your goals.

When you feel ready, and open minded, THAT is the time to seize the moment. Begin today, if you have never started. Resume your drive, if you have stalled out. Do not justify shortcomings because of work, age, illness, time, or money. No need for apologies. JUST GO! Go now. There is something for everyone. Progress, is progress. Do not compare your progress with others. Embrace what you do for yourself. Celebrate the smallest victories. They all count, and they all add up in a very big way. These victories are what Feeling Great Today is all about! Think about what you are hopeful for. Envision being there, in that body & mind.

Once you get started, it isn't a dream any longer.

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