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FREE IRA Deposit

Are you investing in your future? Are you investing in your retirement? Hopefully, the answer is, "Yes". Regardless of your age, if you do not invest in the development of a skill, or use an acquired skill/strength, over time you will loose the ease, in which you perform that skill or task. You may be "feeling great today", but many aging Americans are not. If you allow yourself to slow down too drastically, you won't hang on to that great feeling.

While many active individuals, over the age of 40, are redefining what it means to grow old gracefully, there are others in the same age bracket that excuse mishaps and mis-steps because, "it sucks getting old". Are you willing to chalk up your aches and pains to age, when there are folks similar to you, that can run circles around your activity level? Do you avoid activities because they require too much effort?Have you missed out on something because you don't have the strength or energy to get it done? According to a study performed by AARP and Abbott, 50% of people 50 years and older, wish they had more strength or energy to participate in activities they enjoy. Science shows we can delay or prevent some unwanted effects of aging. The secret ingredient is, putting your mind to muscle. Starting at age 40, we begin loosing muscle mass at about 8% per decade, if you become moderately complacent. After age 70, this muscle loss escalates up to 15% per decade.The good news is that this muscle loss can be prevented or reversed with the proper diet and exercise. It is time to incorporate strength training and a lean & green kitchen into your DAILY LIVING.

We want to have the strength to achieve everyday lifestyle goals. In fact, you should demand this from yourself. We also want the strength, to recover from unexpected setbacks that we may encounter along life's path. Have conversations with your healthcare provider, personal trainer or health coach, about proper nutrition and appropriate exercise methods for you. If you have not taken your lifestyle and wellness journey seriously, now is the time. Find activities that you love. Do not compare your performance to others. Consider it a piece of your IRA or 401k. It will yield valuable living starting right away.The earlier you start, the better off you are. Remember this, it's never too late!

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