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Back to School, yes YOU!


The term "back to school", has more meaning than school age children heading into the classroom. Back to school suggests a new start. Consider it your opportunity to get going in the right direction. Consider it your opportunity to start a new wellness program. Consider it your opportunity to take steps toward satisfying career goals. Consider it your opportunity to impact others in a meaning full way. Consider it an opportunity to make needed changes. Do not wait until January 1 to decide to take a course of action. What is holding you back? Think you're "too busy"? You will have the same amount of time on January 1, as you do today. How you spend your time may be the hurdle. Fix the broken hurdle.

Take the first step. Recognize the changes you want to make. Then, create a realistic plan for yourself. Write down your plan. This allows you to revisit your thoughts, and be reminded that you are serious about them. From there, be sure to tell a few people about your intentions. This creates a level of accountability that; hopefully, you will take seriously. Set progress goals, to recognize the small accomplishments that you make along the way. This is important. You wouldn't skip steps in baking a cake. Do not skip steps in your recipe for success. Celebrate your accomplishments with small, meaningful rewards. Be sure to include the individuals that are aware of the changes you are making. These moments will become the fuel to keep it going. Now, take time each day to reset. If you are an early riser, use the morning silence to establish your plan of action. If evenings are less hectic, set time aside for reflection and to set up the coming day. Both strategies will work depending on your style. Journaling helps keep thoughts in one place. Complete sentences are not necessary in a journal. Write in the form that feels right. Be in the moment. BE IN YOUR MOMENT. Lastly, be consistent. Do not talk yourself out of being your best. Your best will always be good enough.

~Your visions are worth pursuing~

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